Problems with new Elinchrom studio lights. had a great deal on an Elinchrom BXRi 250/500 Twin Flash Head Kit so unable to resist the “bargain” I went for it. Unfortunately it looks like one of the units (the 500) has been assembled incorrectly in that the lugs that the modifiers key onto are in the wrong place. I spent several hours trying to sort it out as I was almost sure it was down to me being dumb, but I had both softboxes assembled identically as you can see.


but when they are attached to the heads the one on the 250 is square whilst the one on the 500 is not, as you can see.


Looking at the lights side by side you can see that the locating lugs are about 45 degrees different, the yellow line psasses through the lugs.


I have come to the conclusion that it is a fault and not just me being very dense so they are going back on Monday.

I took a few pictures with them before I packed them up and despite the wonky fitting they appear to work well.