Dahab, Egypt - Day 1 & 2

The flight from East Midlands was fine, we took off on time we landed on time and had a couple of little sessions of clear air turbulence just for fun. We landed at 15:30 local time (add an hour) to blazing sunshine and 35 degrees. Having turned down the opportunity to buy an Egyptian Visa for £30 we were straight into the waiting car for an hours drive through the Sinai Desert to Dahab. Now unless the Beduin have somehow managed to discover a way to eat sand and rocks I have no idea how they have survived, the place is barren, truly beautiful with amazing striations of colour in the mountains but devoid of any green and the whole area looks like it has been baking for centuries.

The hotel we are staying in is pretty empty, which is a good thing but judging from the meal we had tonight it could be that everyone left in search of a bit of flavour.

Today we woke to glorious sunshine (why doe we say that?) And after breakfast it was time to sort out the cameras before the serious diving starts tomorrow. Good thing I did, the GoPro died and I am not sure that it will recover, and I had a problem with the strobe on my Canon.

As you can see from these two pics (possibly the last that the GoPro will ever take) the place is not busy, this was about 11:00 hrs.



I was getting a bit bored in the afternoon so went for a bimble around the house reef. There is very little current here so no sharks (shame) but according to Nikki in the dive centre there are some great blocks with cleaning stations on the house reef so hopefully I will find them.

The serious diving starts tomorrow, I had some real issues with the strobes on the Canon, which was a shame as I came across a really pretty (to his mother) stone fish and had to work with the available light.

So to wet your appetite here are my first new friends on the house reef.