The Midland Game Fair

We had a very busy (and long) weekend at The Midland Game Fair at Weston Park, Shropshire. We had to be on site by 07:00 hrs each day which meant getting up at 05:00 to get the dogs sorted and to drive there. The show was smaller than it has been in the past but there were plenty of “last show of the season bargains”. There was no arena display or working for the Irish Water Spaniels but we did have a presence in the Gun Dog Pavilion, and as we only had 4 dogs there we did spend a lot of time in the pen. There were just over 100 Irish Water Spaniel puppies registered with the Kennel Club last year against over 40000 Labradors, yet when it came to the parade of gun dogs there were no labs to be seen so Harley had to step into the breach and Teresa had her introduction the display ring.

One of the great benefits of being out and about in the early morning,particularly in Autumn is the quality of the light and the combination of the golden morning light and the start of the rusty fall colours is stunning.


The ring had been set up for scurries so it made getting decent pictures quite difficult, but you should be able to pick out some of the more interesting characters Happy