The Country Landowners Association Game Fair at Ragley Hall

Today we went to the 2010 CLA Game Fair at Ragley Hall it was an excellent day, as it always is at this annual event. The bonus this year, for us, was that it was held only 20 minutes down the road from where we live.

When most people talk of packs of hounds in the UK they picture huntsmen in their pinks riding to a set of fox hounds, but this is not always the case. There are mant different types of hound, all hunting very differently and all chasing different quarry.

These are The Ryford Chase Griffon Vendeen Bassets. This pack was founded and is run by their Master and Huntsman, Nick Valentine. They are the smallest of the Griffon Vendeen type of hounds that originated in France. There are 30 couples of these 15" hounds in the pack as well as 8 couples of Teckles. The pack hunts ........ rabbits.

Today was also a great opportunity for us and Sookie to meet her father. This is Bentley (Grainne's Pirate at Kirkmarsh) a truly magnificent dog.

And here is Sookie with her dad Happy