An evenings stalking in West Sussex

It was a lovely night stalking with Darren Phizacklea of Viscount Stalking. The season for Fallow Stags started on the 1st August so it is still early. We were on the Paddockhurst Estate near Turners Hill. It was a fine evening and we set out at around 18:00 hrs. The bracken is still really high and this makes it very difficult to see into the cover. Over the next two and a half hours we worked our way around the estate, he saw several fallow does and even caught a couple of fleeting glimpses of muntjac. As the light continued to fade we spotted a doe in a ride about 240 yards away, we were in the open in a large sloping field that had recently been cut for silage.. We stood and watched her for a while and after about 10 minutes two fallow prickets came into the ride sparing with each other. We were far to exposed to move freely so we started a long crawl to get into a reasonable position to take a shot. I took the shot downhill from 130 yards (we checked it with a range finder after the shot). The shot placed perfectly in his chest and he dropped instantly. He was a good looking melanistic 2 year old buck, that weighed in at 76 lb. as a dressed carcass.