Tomorrow is Sunday so I will stay dry.

We have been here almost a week now, and I seem to have spent all my time either in or under the water, it is not surprising as there is so much to see, every trip turns into a veritable beauty parade of marine life. Teresa is going a lovely golden brown and I remain white and wrinkled (from the water not from age tut tut)

It is not just the “Big Stuff” that is exciting underwater, some of the shrimps that work the cleaning stations are almost glass like and unbelievably delicate.


But the big stuff is also fun, we had a great display from some eagle rays that almost looked like they were showing off.





You can’t visit the Maldives without trying to get the “Ultimate Maldives Cliche Shot” so here it is Happy



As we came to the end of the reef and started to ascend up the sand we came upon a very knackerd shark that was trying to get a bit of shut eye. Unfortunately we woke him up.


And just because I really like them here is a Batfish for you.