Above and below the island

I am going to stop saying another beautiful clear sunny day as I am sure you are getting as bored reading it as I am writing it, so take it as a given unless I say otherwise. The island has four or five visits a day from the Twin Otter air taxies that make these more remote from Male Islands viable for tourists. As a treat the pilots take the plane over the Island as they take off to give the passengers one final look at what they are leaving behind, They are fascinating to watch as they stop really quickly when landing and do not require much of run to take off either,

This is a sequence of one heading off this afternoon, I really like the third image in the sequence, I wonder if the woman watching the plane depart would be so happy if her home was this close to an airport.

So that is the activity that takes place over the island, under it is far more busy. There is a terrific house reef that has a great variety of hard corals and fish. Here are a few from today.