An elusive Mr Renard is sorted.

Alan, my brother in law has a 6,000 bird free range egg unit on his farm. I guess it acts as a bit of a Fox Magnet for the local Charlie population and so I have been doing my best to keep the numbers down. A few nights ago a fox was seen actually in the shed, so it was game on to get him. I finally saw him yesterday evening, but I could not entice him out of the hedge and get him into a safe place to shoot, very frustrating, so tonight I tried a different tactic, I got myself in place at just after 16:00 hrs and prepared for a long wait in the -3 degree cold. We have had a bit of snow over the past few days so even when it was dark the visibility was quite good, given that this old boy had already proved to be lamp shy I did not want to use it. At about 18:40 he shot out of the hedgerow about 120 yards in front of me and started running full tilt across the field, he was very clear against the snowy backdrop so a single shot did the trick. He really was a fine old boy, very fat, no mange and a lovely rich red coat.