A weekend on the Deer in Plymouth

A weekend stalking in the glorious countryside just outside Plymouth, Andrew, Neil, Daren and I headed down on Friday afternoon with great anticipation of many large Fallow Bucks and the occasional Roe Doe to fill our freezers. We arrived at the hotel and were joined by Ben and Fraser for dinner. An early night as we were up at 05:00 hrs to get ourselves out and about way before sunrise. The weather really has been bad these last few months and all the ground was well and truly waterlogged so it was a bit of a struggle crossing the fields in the dark, as the mud built up on my boots I could feel myself getting taller with every step, eventually I found the tree that had a standing high platform and afforded a 360 degree view of some large fields with woodland surrounding them on all sides, ideal dear country. I made myself comfortable and prepared for a long wait. It was a long wait, until just before 09:30 I caught some movement breaking out of the tree-line on my left and working its way up the hedgerow, I immediately got the binoculars onto it and saw that it was a very nice 6 point Roe Buck in velvet. Sods law being well and truly at work here as a Roe Buck is the only deer that is currently out of season, and therefore cannot be shot. I am sure he knew this as he quietly made his way up the hedge passing within 40 yards of me. By the end of the morning Neil had shot 2 fallow does and that was it.

After a barbecue lunch of venison burgers and sausages we set out again to stalk till sunset, I saw nothing but andrew managed to get a Roe Doe.

Up again at 05:00 on sunday to torrential rain that had been falling all night, i managed to get into a covered highseat/roebox. I was protected from the worst of the elements, again a long morning looking out over quite an expanse of land and again at around 09:30 a deer appeared out of the hedge on my left, it was a reasonably sized fallow pricket. It made its way up the hedge line but I was unable to take a shot as immediately behind that hedge was a golf club car park, but I was confident that once he got to the top of the field he would follow the tracks and head in towards me. He didn’t, the bugger jumped back over the hedge into the car park.

The afternoon was spent in a very exposed high-seat in the sleet and rain which was far from fun so after about 3 hours and many cell phone calls to each other, none actually wanting to be the whip that suggested calling it a day I decided to bite the bullet and call the whole thing off.

So all 6 guns and several hours of stalking had to show for their efforts was 3 deer and a huge steaming pile of wet and muddy clothes, however, a great time was had by all.


My view from the covered high-seat on Sunday morning


Lunch on Saturday was a genteel refined affair Happy