An interesting flight

Unfortunately it was an interesting and very long flight. Spending10 hours in seats with a 30 inch rake is not ideal when you are a 6’6” fat boy. And that was in premium the best upgrade we could get (for get read pay for). About 4 hours into the flight the Captain came on the PA telling us that he was considering diverting to Turkey to unload the passenger who was incapable of going 10 hours without a cigarette and lit up in one of the toilets. What is it with some people, just how weak and selfish do you have to be to do that? Anyway, we did not divert to Turkey and I have no idea what happened to the miscreant when we arrived in Male.

Male was hot and humid when we arrived and it was a about an hour and a half before we set off in a Twin Otter air taxi to the island of Angaga.

Male must have one of the busiest air taxi ranks in the world, there are at least 3 companies working out of there and flights are departing and coming in every minute or so.


Our pilot was a cool looking dude and despite the fact that they must fly these routes all the time sat nav is still the way to go.



After a 30 minute flight we got our first look at what is to be our home for the next two weeks.

So we had the longest day possible up at 0600:hrs Sunday to sort out the dogs and cats, a drive to Gatwick the nonsense 3 hours kicking around at the airport a 10 hour flight with no sleep, a couple of hours waiting for the air taxi and the flight and then we arrived.

This is Teresa sitting in reception awaiting the keys to our villa, I wish I looked this good after 30 hours without sleep!