First full day and some interesting things in the lagoon

A beautiful sunny day with the temperatures hovering just below 40, I went for a swim on the lagoon side of the island without much expectation of encountering anything interesting, very soon I was in a shoal of 100s of trevally. all slowly circling, I just caught a flash of something moving along the bottom and there was a juvenile grey reef shark (about 1.5 meters) working its way along the bottom, i followed him, filming as I went and all of a sudden he swims over the top of the largest adult stingray I have ever seen. I turned my attention to the ray, he sat on the bottom for a few moments then headed off for about 50 yards before settling back into the sand. The complete encounter captured on some very murky video on my G9.

I discovered one of the drawbacks of packing in a hurry last night. Normally when I travel I only take three lenses, a 16-40, 24-70 and a 100-400. Well last night I reached into my bag for the 24-70 only to find that I had packed a 135mm prime. After calling myself all the twats under the sun, I now look forward to the challange.