RIP Miss Pink

Thursday Morning, Miss Pink was not well, she would not eat and was very unresponsive, we took her to the vets immediately and they gave her a radiogram and an ultrasound scan but could see no real problems, she was however in a lot of pain and unwell. They worked her blood and a feces sample and other than her white blood count being very low there was no indication of any specific infection. They put her on a drip and started antibiotics. Friday morning the vet phoned us and said there was a big improvement, she was more lively and they would continue to monitor her. Friday at about 18:00 hrs they phoned and said she was a lot better, but they wanted to keep her in overnight to make sure all was well.

They have just phoned us and told us that during the night she had more problems and that she did not make it.

They do not know what the cause is, all the obvious things like Parvo have been ruled out, they think the most likely cause as an abnormality of the gut that did not really cause issues till she was on solids. She had been eating normally up to this point?

So poor little Miss Pink, the liveliest and bravest little pup is gone. We are really devastated.