Destination Desert Island.

A great day today, early this morning Teresa and I were whisked away on a speedboat to spend the day as the sole inhabitants of the island of Embudhoo. This was no great hardship as we went along with a significant cool-box containing lobster, chicken, salads, fruit and a rice pudding. We also had water, Coke and a bottle of Moet Happy

The Island was quite small you could walk round it in about 10 minutes, and it was a typical Madivian Island in that it had a green interior fringed with soft white sand.

There was no Robinson Cruso hut building for us either, as the island has a rustic but perfectly serviceable hut complete with shower, toilet and a bed.

So we spent the day walking, talking, swimming, all in perfect isolation. It was really excellent to be completely isolated. There was no noise at all except for the gentle sound of the surf and the occasional bird call.

A perfect day!