Dawn with the dolphins

Up at dawn to look for some dolphins, the light was amazing alternating between pink and a subtle gold. We had a very good omen as we headed off, as before we had even left the jetty a turtle swam under our bow.

We headed off towards the edge of the lagoon Teresa keeping her eyes peeled for any sign of dolphins.

Eventually we came upon a large school of dolphins all basking in the glow of a golden dawn and all (according to one of the boat crew) being very lazy.

As we headed back towards the island we twice saw large Manta Rays swimming just below the surface,

And we were back in time for breakfast.

The Island

The Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu island is 660 meters long and 290 meters wide and is roughly half moon shaped. it is fringed with a pure white sandy beach. There are two restaurants on the island one serving a very good buffet style food with a great variety and with chefs busily preparing food to order, we have eaten exclusively there. There is also an “a la carte” restaurant which is ridiculously expensive.

The resort consists of around 80 beach bungalows and 12 water bungalows there are a further 2 “Sunset Lagoon Villas”. We have stayed in Lagoon Villas in the past, and to be honest, whilst they are a novelty, we prefer the access to the beach and vegetation that the beach bungalows afford.

This is our humble abode.

There are few “proper” buildings on the Island. There is the main reception area, the two restaurants , the bar and the dive centre. These are all open at the sides and have a high thatched canopy and the floor is either tiled or simply sand.

This is the main reception building

and this is the bar.

Tomorrow is going to be another lazy day, I will be exploring the house reef looking for turtles then then on Tuesday we are off to spend all day on a deserted Island just the two of us and a very expensive picnic!