All the wildlife was in the mood for posing today.

It’s our last full day on the island tomorrow so the weather did it’s best today to really rub in how much we are going to miss it. Last chance to dive today as there is an enforced 24 hour between the last dive and the flight so I went down to say good by to all my new found fishy friends and it seemed that today was the day that everything wanted it’s picture taken, even a parrot fish decided to show me his best side.


And this little fellow was doing his best to look as cute as possible


This trigger fish even wanted to show me how clean he kept his teeth Happy


And it was not jus the little stuff that was anxious to be recorded for posterity, these chaps also wanted to get in on the act.



On the surface, this guy was happy to hang around and have is portrait taken.


So the only wildlife that really wasn’t playing was T



We watched an air taxi depart this afternoon knowing that the day after tomorrow we will also be departing, the only thing I am looking forward to getting back to is the dogs.