Tomorrow we head for home

How can two weeks pass so quickly? We are on a tiny island in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do and yet time seems to have flown. It has been a truly fabulous holiday, a great chance to relax and unwind and also a great time to spend together without the hassle of the boring day to day life things getting in the way.

We are going home fitter, more relaxed and a totally different colour.

The resort is fabulous and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

We have spent our last day sitting under the shade on the beach, swimming and saying goodbye to all the fish, and generally regretting that the holiday is over, but it is, and there you have it.

I feel the need to prove that I have been present throughout the two weeks so here are the only two pictures of me on the island, and they were both taken today.

Here are a few last glimpses of Coco Palm taken today.

We leave the island at 07:00 hrs tomorrow morning , so Teresa and I strolled down to the beach to watch our last sunset. The plane that will take us to Male is parked in the lagoon ready for it’s early flight so we sat and watched as the sun sank over the horizon and over our imminent means of departure Sad