The flattest calmest day ...... EVER

We awoke this morning to the most amazingly calm day, there was not a movement on the water and you genuinely could not work out where the water stopped and the sky began, I went for a dive at 10 o’cock and the water was as clear as gin. Unfortunately with there being no breeze you really feel the temperature, but we are definitely not complaining.

Another interesting trip under the water today. You must have seen films of sharks swimming with other fish stuck firmly to their undersides (I can’t remember what they are called, it’s an age thing) well today my dive buddy and I swam thorough a group of them who promptly decided that they could not be bothered to wait for sharks any longer and that we were the next best thing, they were a real nuisance for a while.


Here are some pretty yellow fish, because I like pretty yellow fish.


And now for a “Beauty and the Beast” moment, some of the things you find in the Indian Ocean are very ferocious and ugly, others are completely serene and beautiful, I will let you be the judges Happy