A morning stroll around the island

A bright sunny morning so I thought I would take a stroll around the island with my camera, after the first 2 minutes I really decided that life without the 24-70 was going to be difficult. Anyway these should give you a feel for the place. Of all the Islands in the Maldives that we have been to, this is by far the largest but it still retains the small island feeling, the beach is powder soft white coral sand, the sea is clear, warm and full of fish, the vegetation is lush and green and the weather is HOT.

The beach can be quite deserted

And then again it can be crowded (this is the busiest it ever gets Happy )

Most of the time it looks like this

here is a bar conveniently sighted at the waters edge

And there are a few taxies floating around to take you diving.

So as you can see life is not too hard on Dhuni Kolhu and we are managing to survive quite well. Teresa has brought her second favorite English rugby player along for company.