The first negative comment of the holiday, and it's a biggy!

The dive centre on the island is run by an outfit called “Dive Ocean” They are not cheap but they are not too wide of the mark for the Maldives. A single dive will cost you US$ 48 plus US$ 13 for the boat trip. If you were hiring dive gear too that would add to the price. All the diving staff are great and the guys that work on the boat and on the compressor are really first rate, however the woman that sits behind the desk at the dive centre who I understand is the manager is a real piece of work. The first time I interacted with her I put her self important humorless arrogance down to the fact that she was German and that English was not her first language. In my subsequent dealings with her I have revised that opinion and now I put her self important humorless arrogance down to the fact that she is a self important, humorless arrogant woman who would bend over backwards to be unhelpful. Were it not for the fact that she has a captive cliental, given that there is no other way to dive from the island other than through her, she would not stay in business for too long! Things came to a head today when I was snorkeling on the reef side of the island and the purge valve on my snorkel broke, no problem I nipped to the dive centre, explained what had happened and asked to borrow a snorkel for a couple of hours. “No” she said! OK then can I hire one, No she said we only hire if you are diving. Now I am in the process of putting in excess of US$ 300 into her business, and she would not lend me a snorkel for 2 hours. I guess it goes to prove that if you are running a business where the customer has no other choice you can afford to be as rude and as non customer connected as you like. This is a real shame, as I said all the other staff are really great.

Dive Ocean is a separate company that has the franchise to run the dive centre in the resort, it is not part of the Coco Palm Resort organisation. All the Coco Palm staff have been really excellent and friendly and cannot do enough to help us.

I know that this in not such a big deal, but it will certainly factor into any decision we make when we chose our holiday destinations in the future.

On a lighter note...

Teresa decided that the most appropriate way to watch the sunset last night was in her nightdress. She said no one would notice Happy

When it gets too hot on the beach there is an excellent way to cool down.

I am also conscious that I have captured the same dhoni in a load of my pictures, here it is from the other side. (This was taken with a Canon G9 in its waterproof housing, when returning from a dive)