We had a bit of weather today ….

Around 12:30 today the sky suddenly became very dark and it started raining, I went to the window just to see how bad it was when all of a sudden hailstones the size of golf balls started hurtling down clattering against the windows and setting off all the car alarms, I stuck the GoPro against the window to try and capture this as the volume of rain and hail was greater than anything I have ever seen in this country. I had to stop filming after a few second as we lost all the power in the house as our garage flooded.

We only had about 3 inches of water in the garage that was more than enough to cover the two 5 Gang extension cables that we had on the floor powering the two full freezers and the trickle chargers for the motorbikes. It has also ruined the carpet that we had stored in there and I have yet to look in all the cardboard boxes that I just know are full of all the precious things that I have never got around to throwing away.