Sookie Mating

I took our Irish Water Spaniel bitch to be mated on the 18th and 20th March. It was a pretty traumatic experience for me, so I guess it must have been worse for her. Fingers crossed all went well. It is really hard to find a good working dog to use as there are so few about that finding one that is not related is very hard. We eventually settled on using Holbain Devil Dexter, Dexter is not a working dog, he is however a very fine looking IWS, with excellent hip scores, he has been to some of the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club training days and is mad keen to retrieve. He has also been used on a number of working bitches recently and whilst it is still too early to tell, the pups from these matings are showing great promise. The breeding coefficient of this mating is a very low 4 which is excellent.

Holbain Devil Dexter